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Windows Server 8 encrypts user data in flight between client and server

I have been at the MVP Summit in Redmond, and have been carefully noting “advances” between Windows Server 8 Developer Preview (made available at the BUILD conference in Anaheim) and the newer Windows Server 8 Beta build made available on Feb 29 2012.

One new feature is that the SMB 2.2 protocol used for client/server file data exchange now allows for data encryption. Both the client and the server need to be running the new SMB 2.2 protocol – so this means both need to be Windows 8, or the Server needs to be a fairly new one from a vendor that has implemented SMB 2.2

Verticals such as the health care industry should find this particularly useful. The huge overhead of using a solution such as IPSEC can now be avoided.

Details such as what encryption algorithm, as well as performance characteristics of this encryption will be blogged about, once I perform some experiments with the beta bits.

The only public Microsoft information as of today is at http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/hh831795.aspx